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Nobody is more experienced and recommended than Qmerit.

Over the last decade, we’ve installed more EV chargers and other electrification technologies than anyone else in the industry.

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EV Charging Solutions for All

Qmerit simplifies the complexities of EV charging, whether you need home installation services or comprehensive solutions for commercial and multifamily properties.

Solar & Home Electrification Solutions

Power Your Home Smarter. Feel More Empowered.

PowerHouse by Qmerit™ solutions are about more than how you run your home. They’re about living more independently. Slashing your energy bills. Shrinking your carbon footprint.

Discover our turnkey implementation solutions for solar energy and home electrification technologies including battery storage, bidirectional EV charging, smart panels and more.

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Your Guide to Electrification

Moving from fossil fuels to more sustainable electric technologies may seem daunting. With our years of experience, Qmerit is here to make the journey easier—not only through our expert installation services, but also educational resources that demystify electrification technologies.

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EV Charging

With EV ownership soaring, many homeowners are starting the electrification journey with Level 2 home charging so they can recharge while they sleep.

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Solar Panels

Many homeowners start their electrification journey with rooftop solar panels to generate clean power that can be sold back to the grid.

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Battery Energy Storage

Turn your home into a “nanogrid” that can operate independently of the public grid when the electricity is out, or during peak hours when it’s more expensive.

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Smart Panels

Monitor and manage your electricity usage, and automate the way your electrification technologies interact with each other.

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Level 2 Charger Installations


Battery Storage Installations


Solar System Integrations


Electrical Panel Upgrades

Charging Installation Partner to EV Experts

Choosing the right installation provider can mean the difference between charging your EV worry-free—and living with a potential safety hazard. Hear why Qmerit is the charging installation partner of choice for Tom Moloughney, host of the YouTube channel State of Charge.

Trusted Solutions for Fleets, Utilities & OEMs

Qmerit is the home installation partner to top EV and charger brands, home-based fleet managers and electric utility companies. They know we share a commitment to safety, service excellence and exceptional customer experiences.

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Auto OEMs

Make the EV Buying Decision Easier

Charging concerns are the biggest barrier to purchase for potential EV buyers. Connect them with dependable home charging installation services so they can go electric with confidence.

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Deliver Seamless Customer Experiences

Eliminate friction from the customer experience by bundling your products with convenient home installation services.

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Fleets & FMCs

Simplify Fleet Electrification

Our Charge@Home for Fleets™ program streamlines your company’s switch to EVs—whether you have 10 vehicles or thousands, managed internally or by a third-party provider.

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Accelerate Your Electrification Program

Qmerit offers your customers an easy on-ramp to start the electrification journey. We can also help you improve grid reliability and achieve your decarbonization goals in many other ways.

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