May 3, 2021

GM Makes a Big Step Toward Electrification


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They will integrate GM vehicle mobile apps, charging networks and various services to streamline the charging experience. Because GM is already planning to launch over 30 different EVs by 2025, these improvements to the customer charging experience are quite timely.

On the path to accessible charging

Over the last several years, GM has made significant strides toward expanding the electric charging infrastructure. Now, they’re taking it a step further after signing contracts with seven leading EV charge providers, including Qmerit. EV owners in the US and Canada will now be able to access information from nearly 60,000 charging stations with their respective routes and payment information.

The first sites are in Washington, California and Florida. They are already open and offer up to 350 kilowatts, with an average of four chargers on site. Ultium Charge 360 is designed to offer customers a seamless charging experience that integrates:

  • Easily accessible sites with the best EV charging infrastructure.
  • Mobile applications that allow for a quick and simple charging experience.
  • EV-related products and services to drive adoption and increase access to electricity.

This initiative shows GM’s commitment to an all-electric future. Their Ultium battery platform is driving electrification by powering high-performance vehicles produced under GM-owned brands, such as Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac and others.
As GM announces their mission to put “Everybody In” an electric vehicle, we at Qmerit are pleased to be a GM partner and part of the journey toward a future of renewable energy.

Qmerit and GM partnership for electrification

In 2019, Qmerit made a commitment to help Chevrolet customers get access to simple charging wherever and whenever they wanted it. We are pleased to expand our partnership with GM to help Chevy Bolt EV customers have access to charging from the comfort of their homes. As more industry leaders join this effort, our progress toward a sustainable world of clean electricity grows.
This is all a part of an ongoing nationwide electrification effort. The global switch away from fossil fuels is here. At Qmerit, we are here to help homeowners and small businesses make the transition – implementing sustainable electric solutions by leveraging our network of local contractors.

Join the change. Learn about charging solutions for your home and business to make a step toward a sustainable zero-carbon life.