April 15, 2022

Power Your Home and Car With Sunlight, Even at Night


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Home solar panels have come a long way in efficiency and represent one of the most common forms of renewable electricity. However, their immense strength may be their biggest weakness. When the sun goes down or a storm rolls in, your power stops being generated, but your energy needs are still there. So, how do you ensure your fridge keeps running and your electric vehicle (EV) can be charged at any time? Energy storage technologies are the answer. They store power produced by solar panels for times when the sun isn’t shining or even as an alternative to pulling power from the grid.

Home energy storage systems retain the power generated so you can use it when you need it. Energy storage is helpful for people who want to use more renewable electricity and reduce the use of fossil fuels and carbon-generating power.

Advances in battery technology

Prices for renewable electricity storage have gone down as battery technology has improved and the need for these tools has grown. Advances have erased older energy storage limits and made it practical for homeowners and others. Such storage tools allow you to save electricity generated when your renewable sources are at high capacity. After the sun has set, you can charge your EV, watch a film online or keep the air conditioning on.

While there are various battery types, lithium-ion batteries have changed the industry. They offer a great home energy storage option with their usefulness, reasonable pricing, and easy setup and use. Further, their voltage remains relatively consistent as they discharge. By contrast, lead-acid batteries experience a decrease in voltage as they remove energy and empty faster.

Blending solar and battery storage

Most home solar panels have typically sent energy one way, to the grid. But pairing your solar investment with battery banks allows you to retain some of the solar power in battery banks and store it for future use. As a result, adding an energy storage system gives you more flexibility and energy independence, which is a big reason homeowners cite for adding home battery backup systems and solar panels. The combo allows people to have reliable power flow around the clock.

A well-designed automated energy storage system installed by experienced experts like Qmerit helps ensure your battery capabilities. Solar generation helps you remain grid-independent and reduce energy costs. It might be tempting to wait for battery upgrades and other technological changes, but why not save money and reduce your carbon footprint today? Moreover, most battery packs are scalable. That lets you adapt as your needs change, such as by adding another EV or other devices that increase your future needs without increasing costs.

New game-changers to boost capacity and results

Several innovations are being made that will further improve the viability of renewable resources. Newer battery storage, intelligent electrical panels, bidirectional charging and microgrids are game-changers to consider when moving to a more efficient electrical future. Let’s look at each one:

Advanced battery storage

Battery walls — modular systems of one to 10 batteries — have revolutionized energy storage technologies. Besides storing electricity from solar panels, batteries can also store power from the grid at less expensive peak times, and allow you to use this energy later when the energy from the grid is more expensive.

You can set up a wall of connected batteries that can power your whole home. When looking into a system, ensure your options are stackable: alternating current (AC) power with direct current (DC) provides more flexibility and accommodates your realistic loads, such as more energy-draining appliances like air conditioning. Note that these may require a Power Conversion System (PCS) to be part of your system design or other energy storage systems that have a longer duration.

Smart electrical panels

Adding high-tech tools to your traditional electrical panels can help tie their abilities together, providing visibility and control. Innovative tools for your circuit breaker panel make it responsive and enable it to control loads based on power production, consumption, electricity costs, battery capacity and other factors.

Bidirectional charging

Older EV charging power went only from the EV charging station to the car. But some newer EV batteries allow two-way or bidirectional charging. As a result, your charging station can power your EV, and, if need be, your EV can help power your home. Using your car as a home power source gives you flexibility as well as an additional emergency backup source of power.


Small grids are becoming more popular as a tool to power a house, a mall, a school or another local site. These microgrids are self-sustaining, so they give you more local control and lower reliance on the primary power grid. A microgrid can take over when there is an outage on the primary grid and shift back when needed. These small grids foster more renewable or onsite power, which is more efficient. They also save money by increasing control.

These are just some of the innovations that make it possible to power your home and car at any time and in any weather. Industry experts think future storage tools will hold power for days, weeks or longer. Many firms, experts and even future-thinking states like California are working to boost energy storage technologies in ways that make 100% renewable electricity a realistic future on a large scale.

Storing energy at your home today

The ability to transform your home energy usage to curb costs and take advantage of renewable sources exists today. Wisely using EVs, solar panels, battery storage, smart panels and other tools can make your home energy efficient and cut the use of fossil fuels, thereby helping make your home net-zero now. However, developing an energy storage plan, budget, and system takes expertise beyond the abilities of many electricians and contractors. You need an industry expert like Qmerit to ensure your power plans genuinely empower you.

Qmerit delivers the products, services and expertise you need to transform total home electrification. Our turn-key solutions take the stress out of changing your home, adding charging capabilities, upgrading your panel and fulfilling other requirements.

Qmerit has established a national network of Certified Installers. They work hand-in-hand with our dedicated customer success specialists to ensure you get expert installation and white-glove service. To find out how we can help with your electrification projects, contact Qmerit today.

Author: Lowry Stoops

Lowry Stoops

President, Qmerit Network