June 1, 2021

When Are the EVs Coming?


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While the EV market has been growing for years, 2021 is poised to be the year where electric vehicles become mainstream.

“The EVs are coming!” We are sure most of you have heard this statement many times, but here we are already in June and wondering, where are all the cars?

Well, we are happy to say that we have been very busy working to formalize our partnerships with almost every major auto manufacturer to prepare for and answer just that. Despite previous growth, electric vehicle adoption had remained a niche market and slow to take off largely due to the pricing disparity with internal combustion engine vehicles and the complexity of charging in the wild, as well as the cost of a home charger installation. However, there is now greater support from the Federal Government and industry incentives to transition new cars to electric with grants, loans, tax credits, rebates and carbon emissions credits for auto manufacturing. The Biden Administration’s proposed $2 trillion infrastructure plan which was recently unveiled is aimed at addressing climate change in part by spending up to $174 billion to encourage Americans to switch to cars and trucks that run on electricity, not gasoline or diesel.

All major manufactures are jumping on board and set to release cars from both ends of the spectrum – economical to luxury, driving demand across a much larger demographic than EV’s reach had before. But when?

silver crystler ev driving on highway at sunset

As you know, starting in June our program with GM will be heating up with the release of the all new Chevy 2022 Bolt EUV and redesigned 2022 Bolt EV. In a bold industry-first move, this major manufacturer is offering a free EV Charging installation through Qmerit for qualified buyers! Based on the importance of home charging, others will likely follow. Translation… when the vehicles arrive this summer, this program will bring you pre-approved customers ready for installations!

white, black, and gray ev suvs outside of buildings

Volkswagen’s cross over the ID.4, on sale now, was just named “World Car of the Year” and they are calling it their most important new debut since the Beetle.

Nissan’s Ariya, similar in size to the popular Nissan Rogue, will be released later this year. You can see Qmerit referenced on the Nissan USA website. Also, Volvo’s electric version of its XC40, the Recharge, is on sale now. Qmerit has also been referenced in recent articles as Volvo’s professional installation partner.
Another movement to be aware of is the fact that all of the major manufacturers are creating electric versions of their most popular trucks, GMC has the Hummer EV set to release Fall 2021 and Ford has their electric F-150, the most popular vehicle in the US, getting an EV makeover.

Also, worth the mention is Rivian, who is gaining significant pre-order volume for their sleek designs of the R1T model with delivery to customers starting June 2021. It would appear that one of the most unlikely customers segments, those with big trucks, are diving headfirst into electrification faster than one would have thought.

green rivian ev in nature scene

Charge@Home for Fleet™ Installations

Another exciting opportunity we have coming to you is our Charge@Home for Fleet™ program. Many large organizations are looking to convert their fleet employees from gas to electric. Fleets are not just trucks and vans, but also those at-home workers who drive a company car. Each partner we add brings hundreds of new customers in need of EV Charger installations to our network!

So, what does all of this momentum bring to you?

If you haven’t already, now is the time to join our Qmerit Certified Solutions Partner (CSP) Program to get prepared for the EV business to hit the streets. Make sure you have your technicians cross-trained for the EV charger installation jobs coming your way as well as the other pull-through opportunities such as panel upgrades and additional electrical services. Need help growing your workforce or getting your team trained? We have you covered. Learn more about the Qmerit CSP Program.