Make Your Home More Resilient

Achieving Energy Independence Through Electrification

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What does energy independence mean?

For homeowners, it means having the electrical power you need even if the public grid goes down. With today’s electrification technologies, varying degrees of energy independence are more attainable than ever.

Why invest in energy independence?

Local electric utilities face mounting challenges to maintain their reliability, between aging transmission infrastructure and extreme weather conditions growing more problematic due to climate change. That makes energy independence—also known as resiliency—more important than ever for homeowners. And with more people working and studying from home, the potential impact of each power outage is magnified.

Reduce Your Reliance on the Grid

Discover how modern electrification technologies make your home more self-sufficient, whether installed individually or integrated into a comprehensive system that can meet your energy needs for extended periods.

Be More Independent with Battery Storage

A battery energy storage system, also known as a power storage system or battery bank, consists of a large-capacity rechargeable battery. (It’s an EV without the car, essentially.) The system can be charged a few different ways: from the public grid, alternative energy sources like solar panels, or through EVs and EV charging stations equipped with bidirectional charging capabilities.

Think of a battery storage system as your own private electrical service provider, able to: 

  • Store and disburse energy to your connected circuits and equipment as needed
  • Access that stored energy to power your household in the event of rolling blackouts, power outages, or other natural disasters
  • Power your home using stored energy to save money during peak hours when electricity from the grid is more expensive
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Battery Storage & Smart Panels

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