Smart Panels

Manage your energy use more intelligently.

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Increase Your Electrical Panel’s IQ

Planning to install EV charging or other electrification technologies? Unless your home was recently built or renovated, you may need to add capacity to your electrical panel. That’s the perfect time to upgrade to a smart panel. It serves as the nerve center of your smart home—allowing you to manage and monitor your energy usage from anywhere, and automate the way your electrification technologies interact.

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What Is a Smart Panel?

A smart panel is a type of electrical panel. It can either supplement or completely replace your existing breaker panel.

Traditional Electrical Panel

A traditional panel serves three main functions:

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Receiving power from the grid


Distributing power to the circuits in your home


Shutting off power to any overloaded circuits


Smart Electrical Panel

A smart panel is a digital, internet-connected electrical panel that offers a broad range of capabilities for controlling your energy consumption (see below for details). There are two main types:

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An all-in-one smart panel fully replaces your existing panel.


More basic models work in conjunction with your main panel which remains the gateway between your home and the grid.


What Can a Smart Panel Do?

Whether you choose an all-in-one model or something more basic, the core functionality that makes a smart panel “smart” is the same. All of these capabilities can be accessed through a smartphone or computer app:

Manage Your Energy Usage

Monitor and control your electricity consumption down to the appliance level in real-time.

Stop Wasting Energy

Identify and cut power to “vampire” circuits that continue to draw electricity even when connected devices are turned off.

Optimize Your Energy Mix

If you have solar panels or battery energy storage, you can program your smart panel to switch back and forth between them and grid power automatically to maximize cost-efficiency.

Your Lighting

Set specific lighting groups to run at predetermined times to reduce your energy costs.

Specify When
Circuits Can Be Used

Send power to certain circuits, like the one powering your EV charger, only at night when electricity is less expensive.

Keep Electronics
Operating As Intended

Smart panels provide power conditioning—levelling out fluctuating voltages from the public grid, which can reduce the lifespan of many newer electronic devices.

What’s Next on Your Electrification Journey?

Solar Panels & Battery Storage

If you have alternate energy sources such as solar or battery storage systems, your smart panel can seamlessly switch between them and the grid to maximize your electrical bill savings and provide an uninterrupted power supply in case of an outage.

Solar Panels

Generate clean power that you can use yourself or sell back to the grid.

Battery Energy Storage

Store power from your solar panels—or from the grid during off-peak hours. Use it when rates are higher, or if the grid goes down.

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