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Across North America, we’re making it easy for homeowners to make the switch from fossil fuels to more sustainable, resilient, electric-powered technologies. Explore all the ways Qmerit is simplifying home electrification with installation services that deliver the highest levels of safety and quality at competitive pricing.

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    The EV experience gets even better when you add a Level 2 home charging station. Simply plug in before bed and wake up to a fully charged EV, ready for anything the day brings. Qmerit makes your EV charging installation just as easy.


    Aging electrical infrastructure and increasingly severe weather are leaving more homeowners in the dark. An automated energy storage system is the easiest way to keep the lights on when the power’s out, and with Qmerit installation is a breeze too.


    Most residential solar panels only send energy one way—to the electrical grid. But if you own an energy storage system too, expert integration services from Qmerit will allow you to recharge the battery using solar power produced on your rooftop.


    Smart electrical panels can tell you how your home is sourcing, storing and using energy in real time to ensure maximum utilization of your solar, energy storage and EV/bidirectional charger technologies.


    Emergency power generators are surging in popularity as weather severity and grid fragility worsen, bringing more electrical outages. And just as a backup generator will spare you those headaches, installation is hassle-free too with Qmerit.


    Your solar panels have been successfully integrated with your energy storage system, which in turn powers your EV Charger. This solution can be bi-directional, passing power back to your home, your utility grid or even to a connected microgrid for maximum resiliency and sustainability. Sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be with Qmerit Solutions.

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