The Evolution Continues

The energy transition is here, and we're helping to lead the way.


Qmerit is accelerating the shift away from traditional fossil fuel-powered systems, toward more sustainable, resilient electric technologies.

It’s the most exciting transformation of our time, and we’re proud to be at the forefront. Qmerit connects stakeholders like automakers, technology leaders and service providers to home and business owners to make going electric easier for everyone.

Across North America, our turnkey installation and integration solutions are simplifying the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) and other energy transition technologies. And while the electrification movement is relatively young, our team’s legacy in advancing energy efficiency goes back 25 years. During that time, our leaders have worked together to perfect the processes and technology platform at the core of Qmerit.

Tracing Our DNA

It all began in 1996 with FieldCentrix Inc.—founded by Tracy K. Price, and born out of his energy efficiency company Mesa Energy Systems Inc. FieldCentrix launched a trailblazing digital platform for managing mobile workforces and ensuring service excellence in the skilled trades.

Fast-forward two decades. After growing and evolving through various acquisitions and rebrands, Qmerit spun out from Fortune 500 company ABM Industries in 2016. Along the way, our leadership team established a successful track record they continue to build upon.

That includes establishing a national footprint of electrical contractors and other field service providers, and completing more than 150,000 EV charging installations for premier automakers. Our leaders also developed the Qmerit Contribution Index (QCITM), a scoring system for skilled trade workers and material suppliers to promote the highest standards of service quality and efficiency.

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Qmerit Today (and Tomorrow)

In 2020, Qmerit's supply chain management division spun off as Raiven. It now provides Qmerit's certified electricians with discounted pricing on parts and equipment, as well as a purchasing platform that makes buying fast and easy. Visit Raiven
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Today Qmerit focuses exclusively on installation and integration solutions for energy transition technologies. Our company is backed by private investors and strategic partner Schneider Electric (Square D), the global leader in sustainable energy management. We started with energy efficiency and EV charging stations, and we’ll keep providing expert guidance as you continue reducing your carbon footprint—through the electrification of everything.