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Charging Your
____ at Home

Charging Your
____ at Home

Welcome, EV Driver!

At Qmerit, we love electric vehicles too. Know what makes the EV experience even better? The freedom of filling up at home—fast.

Our EV charger installation services makes Charging@Home the quickest, most convenient way possible—with a Level 2 charging station. Simply plug in before bed and wake up to a fully charged EV, ready for any adventure you can dream up.

Qmerit makes your charger installation just as convenient—and you can rest easy knowing our certified installers will do the job right.

Rebates & Incentives

Cut Your Home Charging Costs

It pays to go electric! Governments and utilities across the U.S. are offering financial incentives for switching to EVs and other energy transition technologies. Qmerit helps you take advantage of these programs - one more way we make electrification easy.

Enter your ZIP code to find out how much you could receive in rebates, tax credits and other EV charging technologies:

You could be eligible to receive charging incentives totaling up to*:


* You'll receive full details with your upfront pricing estimate.