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Your Expressway to Fleet Electrification

Qmerit & Enterprise Fleet Management Make Integrating EVs Easy

Your Expressway to Fleet Electrification

Qmerit & Enterprise Fleet Management Make Integrating EVs Easy


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Going electric?
The right charging strategy drives success.

If you’re integrating electric vehicles in to your fleet, you’ll need to think about charging—and fleet charging can be complex. Fortunately, Enterprise Fleet Management and Qmerit have partnered to make it easy. Qmerit is the North American leader in EV charging implementation, with turnkey solutions to keep your fleet rolling—whether it’s based at your business or your employees take their vehicles home at night.

There’s No Place Like Home for EV Charging

Do your drivers take their company vehicles home at night? If they’re going to be driving EVs, they’ll need to start each day with enough battery range to complete their routes and make all customer visits. That means “filling up” overnight with Level 2 charging.

Nothing beats the convenience of Level 2 home charging—your drivers can literally do it in their sleep. But Level 2 charging installations for home-based fleets can get complicated, especially if you have lots of drivers spanning multiple territories. Permanent electrical upgrades can be required, and since every home is different the cost and complexity can vary widely.

Our Qmerit Charge@Home™ for Fleets program simplifies Level 2 charging installations for you and your home-based drivers, whether you have 10 vehicles or thousands—in one geographic area or distributed over long distances.

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Put Our Workplace Charging Expertise to Work

Taking your business-based fleet electric? There are lots of factors to consider when it comes to charging—like available parking spaces, your building’s current electrical capacity and the power needs of the new charging stations. You’ll also need to comply with the placement and spacing requirements outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Qmerit helps you navigate the complexities of workplace charging. Our comprehensive Qmerit Charge@Work™ solutions don’t just include expert installation—they cover everything from technology selection to application design to help funding and financing your project. We also offer ongoing operations and maintenance services to provide peace of mind long after installation is complete.

ABCs of EV Charging

There are three types of electric vehicle chargers: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, which is also known as Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC). Qmerit is here to help you understand your business’s needs and create a strategy that will work best for you.Here’s a quick primer:

Level 1 Charging

These home chargers are typically included with the purchase of an EV. They plug into a standard 120-volt electrical outlet but are relatively slow, providing only 3-5 miles of charging per hour.

Level 2 Charging

These chargers require professional installation but are popular in both residential and commercial settings since they can fully replenish an EV battery overnight.

For home charging, Qmerit recommends a Level 2 system for the ideal combination of speed and convenience.

Level 3 Charging

These charging stations can replenish an EV battery to about 80% in 30 minutes. While this option is more expensive, your business may need the faster charging speeds to meet your fleet utilization goals.

Why Partner with Qmerit
for Fleet Charging?

When it comes to EV charging installation, nobody is more trusted or recommended than Qmerit. Whether you need residential or workplace charging solutions—or both—depend on us to simplify the entire implementation process, providing a safe, seamless and predictable experience for you and your drivers.

national network

National Network

Qmerit’s certified electrical contractor network spans North America, combining local expertise with extensive training on complex EV charging systems.

proven track record

Track Record

Our contractor network has successfully completed over 269,000 EV charging installations—more than anybody else in the industry.


by Top Brands

Qmerit is the charging installation partner of choice to top automakers, charger brands, fleet managers and other industry leaders.

exceptional service

Customer Service

Our concierge team will guide your drivers through the charger installation process, providing a level of service that’s helped Qmerit earn industry-leading customer satisfaction scores.

robust reporting


Our digital dashboards put you in control with real-time visibility into every key detail of your project, including status updates and driver feedback.