Qmerit Expands Operations into Canada

Toronto - 12/09/2021

TORONTO, Dec. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Qmerit is expanding its operations into Canada to help accelerate the country’s transition to electric vehicles. As a leader in electrification services across the United States, Qmerit is known for making electrification easy and delivering an exceptional experience for new EV owners and fleet managers.

Qmerit is bringing its expertise in offering its unique, quality-based EV-systems integration and installation platform from the U.S. to Canada, where they will be offering consumers the same exemplary charger installation experience. Qmerit’s turnkey approach simplifies Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) installations with Upfront Pricing, certified professional installers, and seamless customer concierge service.

Building on its American client base with a roster that includes major charger and global automobile manufacturers like Ford Motor Company, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, Jaguar, Rivian, Volvo, ChargePoint, Enel X, FLO, Wallbox and more, Qmerit brings the expertise of home charging to the Canadian market.

“Our experience with fleet managers, auto dealers, contractors, utilities and EV buyers allows us to offer turnkey operations and earn high customer praise,” noted Tracy K. Price, Founder and CEO, Qmerit. “We are excited to offer that same best value service and do our part to support the coming electrification transition in Canada.”

Need for Expert Installation Help Will Grow

As newer EV models arrive from all automakers and as Canada moves toward its goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, its electric vehicle market has shown a dramatic increase in adoption. Canada has also previously announced its intention to mandate that all light duty vehicles sold in the country be zero emission vehicles, starting in 2035.

These new EV buyers will be looking for the experienced installer help, project safety and proper permitting that Qmerit is known for. Charger installations are complicated and require expertise, particularly for Level 2 chargers that often require electrical upgrades. Qmerit’s Network has installed over 150,000 Level 2 EV charging stations in countless settings.

“For years, our customers and industry partners have been encouraging us to bring our services to Canada. We took the time to make sure it was done correctly by ensuring service coverage across a vast geography, building our digital platform in English and French, setting up a bi-lingual customer support infrastructure, and assembling a network with field expertise in all the provinces,” adds Ken Sapp, SVP, Business Development at Qmerit.

Qmerit’s Canadian operations will be revved up and ready with installers and service throughout the country. They offer a French and English bilingual customer call center to ensure quality service to all customers as they expand their solutions and extend the electrification initiative.

For more information about Qmerit Canada services, please visit Qmerit.ca.

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About Qmerit
Qmerit, with US headquarters in Irvine, CA and Canadian headquarters in Toronto, ON simplifies the adoption of electrification products for residential and small business markets. A leader in green energy transformation, the company provides value-driven services throughout the renewable energy equipment implementation life cycle. Services are delivered through Qmerit’s network of company-owned contractors, independent Certified Solutions Partners and Certified Installers who are skilled in system implementation and integration as well as in ongoing support and maintenance. Combining this nationwide network of certified electrical contractors with the company’s purpose-built digital managed services platform and white-glove concierge services, Qmerit delivers customers an unmatched quality experience related to electric vehicle charging stations, battery storage systems, solar system integration and microgrid solutions. For more information about Qmerit, please visit Qmerit.ca.

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